Recessed downlights

The Light Site is very proud to offer the GLEAM range of premium LED downlights.

The downlights have three frame options - a 90mm cut-out, a 70mm cut-out and a more recessed (and hence low glare) 82mm cut-out. The frames offer a clean functional and elegant look and the three cut-out sizes mean there is a good chance the GLEAM downlights can be retro fitted into existing holes if you are replacing old downlights.

There are two light engine options, a 15W and a 12W version. Both offer exceptional colour rendition with an index rating (CRI) of 92. Most downlights - even more expensive premium downlights - only offer a CRI of around 82. That means your skin looks ghostly and your prized furniture, art, photos etc are not really showing their true colours.In addtion both are flicker free unlike many cheaper downlights that have a strobing effect when power switches to off-peak and shoulder tariffs.Both light engines have a five year replacement warranty. Finally, although both downlights offer similar light output and a warm white 3000K colour temperature on full, the 15W has the added Dim-to-Warm feature. Both lights dim smoothly, but as the 15W dims the light temperature warms from 3000K to a 2200 - bathing the room in an amber glow. It is a lovely effect and great for media rooms, living rooms, restuarants - or adding a bit of romance to a bedroom.

G90 Downlight 2
Price: $75
Gleam Low Glare Adjustable Downlight 1
Price: $75
Gleam Ip44 Downlight 1
Price: $75
Gleam Ip44 Dim To Warm Downlight 1
Price: $90
Gleam Low Glare Dim To Warm Downlight 1
Price: $90
G90 Warm
Price: $90
Mr Reliable Image
Price: $29

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